Ondo price shatters ATH, eyes 40% rally

Ondo (ONDO) price broke its all-time high (ATH) of $1.05 on March 31, as the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) approved Ethereum’s spot Ethereum Exchange Traded Fund (ETF) applications on Thursday.

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Forex Today: US Dollar consolidates weekly gains ahead of mid-tier data releases

Here is what you need to know on Thursday, May 23: The US Dollar (USD) capitalized on the upbeat PMI data from the US on Thursday, and the USD Index closed the fourth consecutive day in positive territory.

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France Business Climate in Manufacturing registered at 99, below expectations (100) in May

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FX option expiries for May 24 NY cut

FX option expiries for May 24 NY cut at 10:00 Eastern Time, via DTCC, can be found below - EUR/USD: EUR amounts 1.0690 2.5b 1.0700 1.6b 1.0705 1.1b 1.0710 1.2b 1.0830 911m 1.0850 977m 1.0885 963m 1.0875 3b 1.0890 2.3b 1.0900 1.4b - GBP/USD: GBP amounts 1.2700 407m - USD/JPY: USD amounts 154.50 1.1b 155.00 1.5b 155.50 1.4b 156.00 1.4b 157.00 3.4b - USD/CHF: USD amounts 0.9115 576m 0.9200 1.3b - AUD/USD: AUD amounts 0.6605 545m 0.6675 907m - USD/CAD: USD amounts 1.3705 546m .

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Switzerland Employment Level (QoQ) dipped from previous 5.488M to 5.484M in 1Q

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Ethereum +26%: SEC knickt nach Druck aus dem Weißen Haus ein – ETFs genehmigt! – Vor wenigen Tagen galt es noch als extrem unwahrscheinlich, doch nun ist es Realität: Die US-Börsenaufsichtsbehörde SEC ist eingeknickt und hat unter dem Druck einer politischen Interv

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Goldman Sachs: Chinas Stimulus für Immobilienmarkt positiv, aber Risiken bleiben - In den labyrinthartigen Straßen der chinesischen Wirtschaft zeichnen sich neue Pfade ab. Pekings jüngste Maßnahmen zur Unterstützung des Immobiliensektors mögen wie ein Lichtblick wirk

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United Kingdom Retail Sales (MoM) came in at -2.3%, below expectations (-0.4%) in April

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Sweden Producer Price Index (YoY) rose from previous -0.6% to 0.9% in April

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United Kingdom Retail Sales ex-Fuel (YoY) below forecasts (-1.1%) in April: Actual (-3%)

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Germany Gross Domestic Product (YoY) meets forecasts (-0.2%) in 1Q

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UK Retail Sales drop 2.3% MoM in April vs. -0.4% expected

The UK Retail Sales dropped 2.3% over the month in April vs.

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United Kingdom Retail Sales ex-Fuel (MoM) registered at -2%, below expectations (-0.6%) in April

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United Kingdom Retail Sales (YoY) came in at -2.7% below forecasts (-0.2%) in April

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Germany Gross Domestic Product w.d.a (YoY) remains at -0.9% in 1Q

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Germany Gross Domestic Product (QoQ) meets forecasts (0.2%) in 1Q

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Sweden Producer Price Index (MoM) declined to 0.5% in April from previous 0.6%

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XRP rallies past $0.53, SEC Chair Gensler says the regulator has done very well in court cases

The ruling of the Ripple (XRP) lawsuit is pending, and holders await the court’s decision in the legal battle between the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and the payment remittance firm.

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Nvidia: Lokale Konkurrenz zwingt zu Preisnachlässen in China - Der Technologiegigant Nvidia (NASDAQ:NVDA) sieht sich in China gezwungen, seine KI-Chips zu erheblichen Preisnachlässen anzubieten. Grund dafür ist die starke Konkurrenz durch lokale U

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WTI seems vulnerable near $77 as hawkish Fed dents demand outlook

West Texas Intermediate (WTI), futures on NYMEX, look set to close the week on a bearish note.

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Singapore Industrial Production (MoM) came in at 7.1%, above expectations (5.7%) in April

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Singapore Industrial Production (YoY) came in at -1.6%, below expectations (-0.7%) in April

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NZD/USD trades near 0.6100 after trimming losses amid hawkish RBNZ

NZD/USD received pressure due to the emergence of the risk aversion sentiment after the higher-than-expected Purchasing Managers Index (PMI) data from the United States (US) was released on Thursday.

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USD/INR weakens as India sees strong growth in business

Indian Rupee (INR) trades with a mild positive bias on Friday despite the rebound of the US Dollar (USD).

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Japanese Yen depreciates due to softer CPI, stronger US Dollar

The Japanese Yen (JPY) continued its decline on Friday after the release of softer National Consumer Price Index (CPI) data by the Statistics Bureau of Japan.

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RBNZ’s Hawkesby: Cutting interest rates is not part of near-term discussion

Reserve Bank of New Zealand (RBNZ) Deputy Governor Hawkesby said on Friday that “cutting interest rates is not part of near-term discussion.

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Canadian Dollar extends the downside below 1.3750 ahead of Canadian Retail Sales data

The USD/CAD pair trades on a stronger note for the fifth consecutive day near 1.3730 on Friday during the Asian trading hours.

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