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    Robinhood to list dogwifhat as WIF tags $1, is Coinbase next?

    Updated Mar 1, 2024 05:53

    ■  Robinhood announced on Friday that it would list dogwifhat’s WIF token.

    ■  This development, while bullish, has caused a local top formation at $1.01. 

    ■  Popular crypto influencer Hsaka hints at a potential major CEX listing for the meme coin.

    Dogwifhat (WIF), a popular Solana-based meme coin, will soon be listed on the popular trading platform Robinhood. This cycle’s fastest-growing dog-based crypto is WIF due to the support it has garnered from popular crypto influencers.

    Dogwifhat listing on Robinhood

    Robinhood, a popular trading platform, announced the listing of the dogwifhat meme coin on Friday. This development comes soon after their recent development, which allows its users to interact with the Arbitrum, an Ethereum Layer 2 solution. 

    Robinhood to list dogwifhat as WIF price tags $1, is Coinbase next?


    Speculation of WIF listing on major CEX soars

    WIF, unlike other meme coins, has seen massive success due to the community’s interest. Initially, the altcoin was brought to attention by popular crypto analyst Ansem. But the recent mention from Hsaka suggests that this meme coin could likely be listed on a tier 1 crypto exchange soon.

    To understand the above post, it is important to note that Hsaka is an influencer for popular crypto influencers. Hsaka posted a photo of a wolf wearing a hat, which propelled the meme coin up nearly 75% in the next two days and resulted in an all-time high of $1.01 for dogwifhat.

    WIF/USDT 15-minute chart

    WIF/USDT 15-minute chart

    Popular for their predictions and insights, Hsaka notes that due to the sheer size of WIF’s trading volume, which has exceeded $1 billion, it is highly likely that tier 1 exchanges could list the Solana-based meme coin. 

    Basic deduction shows that Binance has already listed the perpetual contract for the meme coin but has not yet enabled spot trading. Coinbase, a popular US-based crypto trading platform, is yet to list WIF. Hence, many investors theorize that Coinbase and Binance could both list the token for spot trading. 

    Then again, readers need to take this with a grain of salt since this is pure speculation.

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