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    Mitrade Insights is dedicated to providing investors with rich, timely and most valuable financial information to help investors grasp the market situation and find timely trading opportunities.
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    Editorial Policy

    Mitrade Insights is Mitrade's financial information platform, dedicated to providing investors with rich, timely and most valuable financial information to help investors grasp the market situation and find timely trading opportunities.

    Mitrade's goal is to simplify complex financial knowledge and information to help users build confidence in their investments and transactions.

    Mitrade Insights Content Creation Guidelines

    Professionalism: Mitrade Insights’s articles are created by a professional editorial team in collaboration with senior experts in the financial industry, and the content is created through a combination of in-depth research, independent data collection and analysis, and expert insights.

    Objectivity and impartiality: Mitrade Insights’s content is fact-based and carefully researched. Our content is not written to support any particular economic or political viewpoint.

    Accuracy of information: Mitrade Insights makes every effort to ensure that the content of the platform is presented accurately and clearly to our readers. At the same time, information is regularly updated and verified for accuracy by our staff. We will promptly investigate and correct any errors or misrepresentations found by our readers.

    Editorial Process

    All content is written by editorial staff and financial writers who have extensive knowledge of financial trading and real-world investment experience and are skilled at presenting complex financial knowledge in a simple and straightforward manner.

    The Mitrade Insights’s editorial team will continually evaluate all content on the site and revise or update information that is known or potentially outdated. If necessary, we will rewrite articles that are of poor quality or outdated to ensure the quality of the platform's content.

    Mitrade Insights's team of financial experts will support the process throughout, assisting with the review of Insights articles for updating and proofreading.

    Mitrade Insights Article Quality Standards

    Each article on the Insights website is a joint effort by multiple staff members to ensure that the content is accurate, readable and up-to-date, which reflects Mitrade’s content creation guidelines.

    Mitrade Insights's expert financial writers provide insightful content through their expertise, while our professional editorial, information review and compliance teams review the content through multiple processes to ensure that we uphold our values of professionalism, accuracy and objectivity.

    Mitrade Insights's Author Selection Criteria

    Authors and experts on the Mitrade Insights website are recruited through a rigorous vetting process. Some are experienced financial writers, while others are experts in the financial field. Not only do they have solid financial expertise, but they also have the ability to express complex issues in a clear and understandable manner.

    The author, expert review, and compliance check for each article are listed below the article title. Through the links, readers can find their personal profiles, which include their educational background, work history, social media and relevant certifications they have earned. In addition, all authors on Mitrade must adhere to the above-mentioned content creation guidelines of Mitrade.

    Advertising Disclosure

    Mitrade Insights is sponsored by the Mitrade online trading platform and any information on the website relating to advertising on Mitrade is kept strictly and clearly separate from the main content of the article, thus ensuring the reading experience of the readers of the platform. All advertisements or sponsored content on Mitrade Insights will be clearly distinguished from the main content by a border or other element, and will be prominently identified by "Ads", "Advertisements" or similar names.

    Do you have feedback?

    We love to hear from our readers and are committed to supporting you in your investment journey. If you have any comments or suggestions to share, please feel free to contact us at insights@mitrade.com.