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    Spain Unemployment Change fell from previous 60.404K to -7.452K in February

    Source  Fxstreet1709539401

    Spain Unemployment Change: -7.5K (February) vs previous 60.404K

    Source  Fxstreet1709539287

    France Budget Balance increased to €-25.74B in January from previous €-173.26B

    Source  Fxstreet1709538389

    France Budget Balance climbed from previous €-173.26B to €-25.742B in January

    Source  Fxstreet1709538332

    Switzerland Consumer Price Index (MoM) increased to 0.6% in February from previous 0.2%

    Source  Fxstreet1709537446

    Switzerland Consumer Price Index (YoY) registered at 1.2% above expectations (1.1%) in February

    Source  Fxstreet1709537431

    Turkey Consumer Price Index (YoY) registered at 67.07% above expectations (65.74%) in February

    Source  Fxstreet1709535701

    Turkey Consumer Price Index (MoM) above expectations (3.7%) in February: Actual (4.53%)

    Source  Fxstreet1709535638
    China’s NPC Spokesman: NPC will hold annual meeting in Beijing from March 5 to March 11

    Speaking at a news conference on Monday, China's National People's Congress (NPC) spokesman Lou Qinjian said that Congress will hold its annual meeting in Beijing from March 5 to March 11.

    Source  Fxstreet1709526956
    Japan government mulls declaring end to deflation – Kyodo

    Citing sources with knowledge of the matter, Japan’s Kyodo News agency reported on Monday, the Japanese government is mulling officially announcing an end to deflation, flagging heightened risks of policy tightening.

    Source  Fxstreet1709525540
    Stock Market Today: Nifty and Sensex set to kick off the week on a positive note

    The Sensex 30 and Nifty 50, India’s key benchmark indices, are eyeing a positive start to the week on Monday, taking cues from mostly higher Asian stocks and the advance in the Gift Nifty futures.

    Source  Fxstreet1709518220

    Australia Building Permits (YoY): 10% (January) vs -24%

    Source  Fxstreet1709512716

    Australia ANZ Job Advertisements declined to -2.8% in February from previous 1.7%

    Source  Fxstreet1709512284

    Australia Company Gross Operating Profits (QoQ) came in at 7.4%, above forecasts (1.8%) in 4Q

    Source  Fxstreet1709512234

    Australia Building Permits (MoM) registered at -1%, below expectations (4%) in January

    Source  Fxstreet1709512202

    South Korea S&P Global Manufacturing PMI down to 50.7 in February from previous 51.2

    Source  Fxstreet1709512201

    Australia TD Securities Inflation (YoY) dipped from previous 4.6% to 4% in February

    Source  Fxstreet1709510743

    Australia TD Securities Inflation (MoM) declined to -0.1% in February from previous 0.3%

    Source  Fxstreet1709510667

    Japan Monetary Base (YoY) dipped from previous 4.8% to 2.4% in February

    Source  Fxstreet1709509861

    Japan Capital Spending up to 16.4% in 4Q from previous 3.4%

    Source  Fxstreet1709509805

    South Korea Service Sector Output dipped from previous 0.3% to 0.1% in January

    Source  Fxstreet1709506839

    New Zealand Terms of Trade Index came in at -7.8%, below expectations (-0.2%) in 4Q

    Source  Fxstreet1709502303

    Singapore Purchasing Managers Index down to 50.6 in February from previous 50.7

    Source  Fxstreet1709471565

    Argentina Tax Revenue (MoM) declined to 7249.31B in February from previous 7699.89B

    Source  Fxstreet1709332605

    United States Total Vehicle Sales above forecasts (15.4M) in January: Actual (15.8M)

    Source  Fxstreet1709328661

    Mexico Fiscal Balance, pesos climbed from previous -291.23B to -159.14B in January

    Source  Fxstreet1709326828
    Fed's Kugler: Economy appears to have dodged a wage price spiral

    Federal Reserve (Fed) Board of Governors member Adriana Kugler is cautiously optimistic that progress on disinflation will continue with the Fed avoiding any significant deterioration in the domestic labor market.

    Source  Fxstreet1709326397

    United States CFTC Gold NC Net Positions up to $141.6K from previous $140.3K

    Source  Fxstreet1709325221

    Eurozone CFTC EUR NC Net Positions declined to €62.9K from previous €68K

    Source  Fxstreet1709325213

    United States CFTC S&P 500 NC Net Positions declined to $-224.2K from previous $-218.5K

    Source  Fxstreet1709325205