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    US Dollar trades in the red following soft ISM PMI

    The US Dollar Index (DXY) initiates a new month of trading on Friday with a slightly lower open at the 103.7 level.

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    US: A shutdown is looming, but little influence on the US Dollar – Commerzbank

    Another shutdown is looming in the US. What does all this mean for the Dollar? Economists at Commerzbank analyze Greenback’s outlook.

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    DXY likely to track sideways over the next few weeks – HSBC

    Much of the adjustment to US rate expectations may be complete for now.

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    US Dollar set for mildly positive weekly close, extending month-long consolidation

    The US Dollar (USD) is flat in the European trading session as markets brace for the last economic data releases for the week.

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    USD may find it hard to advance significantly – Scotiabank

    The US Dollar Index (DXY) is down modestly on the session so far but is heading for a mild gain on the week.

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    USD decline only to accelerate decisively in the summer – ING

    The US Dollar has entered a consolidative phase. The Dollar may still struggle to find clear direction in March, but economists at ING expect USD bearish pressure to intensify from the second quarter.

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    DXY to end the week above 104.00 – ING

    The US Dollar (USD) consolidates gains following Thursday’s rebound.

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    US Dollar Index holds above the 104.00 barrier, investors await US PMI data

    The US Dollar Index (DXY) recovers above the 104.00 barrier during the early Asian trading hours on Friday.

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    US Dollar gains traction following January PCE data

    The US Dollar Index (DXY) is trading near 104 and keeps gaining traction due to markets delaying rate cuts from the Federal Reserve (Fed).

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    US Dollar retreats as traders brace for PCE inflation data

    The US Dollar (USD) extends losses on Thursday’s European session ahead of the US Personal Consumption Expenditures (PCE) Price Index data release.

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    Sky is the limit for the US Dollar – Commerzbank

    There is still room for USD upside, economists at Commerzbank say.

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    US PCE Preview: DXY to drop back to 103.00 in the best-case scenario – SocGen

    Today's PCE inflation print for January is the latest signpost in the enthralling rate debate.

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    US PCE: A robust 0.4% month-on-month core print can help the Dollar – ING

    The US releases Personal Consumption Expenditures (PCE) figures today.

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    US Dollar Index attracts some sellers below the 104.00 mark, focus on US PCE data

    The US Dollar Index (DXY) edges lower to 103.85 after retreating from weekly highs of 104.25 during the early European session on Thursday.

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    US Dollar advances despite lower GDP revisions

    The US Dollar Index (DXY) is trading around 104.00, experiencing its first significant rise since mid-February after hitting 104.20 earlier in the session.

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    There may be little potential for USD gains to develop further – Scotiabank

    The US Dollar Index (DXY) recovers above 104.00. Economists at Scotiabank analyze Greenback’s outlook.

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    US Dollar rallies ahead of second US Q4 GDP estimate

    The US Dollar (USD) is recovering on Wednesday to a five-day high driven by safe-haven inflows. Markets got shaken by a mix of elements coming from China and New Zealand. In China, additional measures were issued to support the housing,

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    USD momentum should continue – ING

    The US Dollar moves decisively higher early Wednesday. Economists at ING analyze Greenback’s outlook.

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    US Dollar Index holds positive ground around the 104.00 mark, eyes on US GDP data

    The US Dollar Index (DXY) rebounds to nearly the 104.00 mark during the early European session on Wednesday.

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    US Dollar trades flat following Durable Goods data

    The US Dollar Index (DXY) is currently trading neutrally near the 103.80 mark.

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    DXY: PCE must exceed forecasts or Euro inflation must underwhelm for the uptrend to continue – SocGen

    The US Dollar Index (DXY) is up 2.4% since January on repricing of Fed cuts from six to three.

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    US Dollar flat ahead of first packed data releases

    The US Dollar (USD) is mildly in the red, trading overall is down against most major peers, especially the Japanese Yen, which is nearly 0.50% stronger against the Greenback.

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    DXY set to move back above 104.00 by the end of the week – ING

    The US Dollar (USD) struggles to stay resilient on Tuesday.

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    US Dollar seems vulnerable amid sliding US bond yields, focus remains on US macro data

    The US Dollar (USD) trades with a mild negative bias during the Asian session on Tuesday and remains well within the striking distance of its lowest level since February 2 touched last week.

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    US Dollar trades lower following soft housing data

    The US Dollar Index (DXY) is trading at 103.80, reflecting a slight decline.

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    USD Index: Break below 200-DMA at 103.78 to clear path for return to February low near 103.00 – SocGen

    The US Dollar (USD) ended a run of five weeks of gains. Economists at Société Générale analyze Greenback’s outlook.

    More USD weakness when the PCE deflator is low than USD strength when it is high – Commerzbank

    Thursday will see the release of the PCE deflator for January, the measure that the Fed considers most appropriate for measuring price stability.

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    USD unlikely to continue strengthening – Scotiabank

    Last week, the US Dollar Index (DXY) closed lower in the biggest move against the USD since late December.

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    US Dollar weakens further at start of data-driven week

    The US Dollar (USD) is inching lower on Monday, extending Friday’s declines. Two main drivers for the Greenback to keep in mind this Monday: First, the landslide victory for former US President Donald Trump over Nikki Haley’s home state

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    Dollar to have a good week on the back of strong PCE figures – ING

    Economists at ING expect an above-consensus 0.4% Core PCE read on Thursday, which should support the Dollar this week.

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