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What is Economic Calendar?
An economic calendar is a useful tool for traders to keep track of the economic events of a given country or a group of countries that could affect the global market. An economic event can be a macroeconomic event like the unemployment rates, inflation, economic outputs, economic news releases like the speech of the Fed Chair, or company announcements like an IPO. Usually, an economic calendar will list the above-mentioned events in chronological order to help the viewer get a clear view of the events that are going to happen.
The importance of the Economic Calendar
For traders, it is crucial to follow important economic events that could have a great impact on the markets. With economic calendars, traders can view and track most of the important economic events in one place and get a better understanding of market changes. Traders can also view past economic events with the economic calendar to analyze how an economic event would affect the markets. To sum up, the economic calendar is of great importance to help traders track and anticipate important events and capitalize on the events if possible.
How to use Mitrade Economic Calendar?
Mitrade's economic calendar aims to make it easy for traders to follow up on essential economic events. Therefore, it allows users to apply filters to time, area, type of calendar, and importance to view the economic events of the markets they care about most. If you are using the Mitrade app, you can add a calendar reminder of an economic event.