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    Bitcoin NodeMonkes NFT collection sees massive spike in demand by whales

    Bitcoin (BTC) has seen a resurgence in the non-fungible token narrative with NodeMonkes, a collection of pixelated NFTs on the BTC blockchain.

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    XRP price hits new yearly high at $0.65, attorney says Ripple’s influence on XRP is decelerating

    XRP price climbed to a new 2024 high of $0.65 on Saturday and suffered a minor pullback to $0.63, early on Monday.

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    Dogecoin Price Prediction: DOGE refuses to let WIF have all the fun

    Dogecoin (DOGE) price is trading with a bullish bias, but so are Dogwifhat (WIF) and most of the large market capitalization-sized meme coins.

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    Celo price confirms breakout after CELO L2 migration details

    Celo (CELO) price remains broadly bullish, with multiple technical indicators favoring the upside, it comes after the revelation of retails relating to the network’s migration to Layer 2 (L2) network on March 1.

    Source  Fxstreet1709442000
    Ethereum Price Prediction: The long game could see ETH climb 30%

    Ethereum (ETH) price is trading with a bullish bias, having breached the midline of the market range between the January low around $884.51 and the November high of the year 2021 around $4,485.32.

    Source  Fxstreet1709438400
    GMX price could make a 50% climb as GMX’s daily chart is governed by a bullish pattern

    GMX (GMX) price has been trading within a range for months, forming a series of higher highs and then higher lows, culminating in an inverse head and shoulder pattern.

    Source  Fxstreet1709434800
    Three sectors that could thrive as 2024 bull market warms up

    Barely seven weeks out, is the Bitcoin halving expected, an event that has historically kick started cycle bull markets.

    Source  Fxstreet1709362828
    AI altcoins pump, likely strongest narrative this bull run as Nvidia becomes top 3 firm globally by market cap

    The cryptocurrency market tends to move in groups, with sector tokens moving together as part of a narrative rally.

    Source  Fxstreet1709355600
    Chainlink Price Prediction: Another buy opportunity at $18.12 likely for LINK traders

    Chainlink (LINK) price is trading with a bullish bias, recording higher highs and higher lows since October when cryptocurrency markets turned bullish.

    Source  Fxstreet1709352000
    Bitcoin price takes a breather as total balance held by US ETFs soars past 760,000 BTC

    Bitcoin (BTC) price continues to hold above $60,000 milestone, with the bulls seizing every weakness to buy the dip.

    Source  Fxstreet1709330400
    BNB Price Forecast: Outlook remains bullish despite Nigerian government case against Binance

    Binance (BNB) price clings firmly to the bullish outlook seen across cryptocurrency markets on Friday, undeterred by ongoing developments as the Nigerian government grins at Binance exchange.

    Source  Fxstreet1709326800
    Worldcoin price defends $7.00 despite Elon Musk’s confirmation of legal action against OpenAI

    Worldcoin (WLD) price holds up well above the $7.00 level on Friday, fuelled by the Nvidia-infused rally and largely shrugging off reports that Elon Musk will take legal action against OpenAI and its CEO, Sam Altman, who is one of the creators of WLD.

    Source  Fxstreet1709310552
    Ethereum Layer 2 transaction volume surges driven by system upgrades, increasing partnerships

    Ethereum ecosystem’s scaling solutions, Layer 2 chains, have observed a steady increase in their transaction volume since the beginning of the year.

    Source  Fxstreet1709298000
    BLUR price holds up despite Blast users pulling over $1.4 billion in assets after mainnet launch

    Blast, an Ethereum Layer 2 chain, launched its mainnet on February 29.

    Source  Fxstreet1709292633
    XRP price rallies to $0.62, ahead of trial scheduled in class action lawsuit against Ripple Labs

    XRP price inched closer to its 2024 high, rallying past the $0.62 level on Thursday.

    Source  Fxstreet1709277623
    Robinhood to list dogwifhat as WIF tags $1, is Coinbase next?

    Dogwifhat (WIF), a popular Solana-based meme coin, will soon be listed on the popular trading platform Robinhood.

    Source  Fxstreet1709265688
    Bitcoin price stalls as Grayscale approaches SEC for options on spot BTC ETFs

    Bitcoin (BTC) price has recorded an impressive rally this week, recording milestones that merited BTC for headlines across crypto news sites and X.

    Source  Fxstreet1709233200
    OCEAN, GRT, FET: Artificial Intelligence projects with high developer activity

    Bitcoin’s (BTC) price rally catalyzed gains in several other tokens, fueling narratives like Artificial Intelligence (AI), Layer 2 chains, and meme coins.

    Source  Fxstreet1709211600
    Six reasons why Polygon’s MATIC price will make a comeback in 2024

    MATIC price could be due for a major rally in the coming weeks for two main reasons: the circulating supply of Polygon’s token is now at 100%, and it is an Ethereum Layer 2 solution, which plays into the ongoing positive narrative for all Ethereum-related entities.

    Source  Fxstreet1709204565
    Bitcoin and Ethereum funding rates surge to over two-year highs as bullish bets get costlier

    Bitcoin’s (BTC) price rally to its 2024 peak of $64,000 has resulted in a spike in funding rates, pushing them to hit a 27-month high.

    Source  Fxstreet1709204400
    Crypto trading volume more than doubled this week: PEPE, DOGE, APT, ORDI are top gainers

    Bitcoin price rallied to its new yearly high, at $64,000 on Binance, pushed the overall crypto market capitalization higher.

    Source  Fxstreet1709193600
    XRP price climbs to $0.58, expert uncovers court documents that claim Ripple used bots to push price higher

    XRP price continued its rally towards the $0.64 target on Thursday.

    Source  Fxstreet1709186400
    Bitcoin ETF success could see Ethereum alternative soon, says Jim Cramer

    Following the landmark approval of multiple spot Bitcoin exchange-traded funds (ETFs) on January 10, this has been the abounding theme in the cryptocurrency market.

    Source  Fxstreet1709164740
    SEC approval of spot BTC ETFs was Bitcoin IPO, says expert

    Bitcoin (BTC) price exploded to an intraday high of $64,000 on Wednesday before a quick retraction.

    Source  Fxstreet1709154000
    BTC Price Outlook: Bitcoin OTC markets have so little supply they will be buying off exchanges

    Bitcoin (BTC) price exploded past the $60,000 milestone on Wednesday during the afternoon hours of the Asian session.

    Source  Fxstreet1709146800
    Coinbase exchange crashes as Bitcoin price peaks above $64,000

    Post-traumatic stress from the FTX cryptocurrency exchange debacle has crypto investors on the edge of their seats on Wednesday after Coinbase exchange crashed, with users reporting zero balance on their accounts.

    Source  Fxstreet1709145791
    Arbitrum price resumes rally with Web3 gameathon plan for March

    Arbitrum, an Ethereum Layer 2 scaling solution, has announced an event for Web3 gaming.

    Source  Fxstreet1709125397
    Ethereum price hits new yearly high at $3,369 as staked Ether rises to 26%

    Ethereum price has climbed to a new 2024 high of $3,369 on Wednesday.

    Source  Fxstreet1709120496
    Cardano price ranges below $0.63, ADA on-chain metrics show signs of sell-off

    Cardano holders who have closed trades this week have realized more losses than profits when compared to the Ethereum and Bitcoin networks, according to on-chain data from Santiment.

    Source  Fxstreet1709112645
    Pepe price is up 121%, will PEPE bulls continue their stampede?

    Pepe (PEPE) price has been extremely volatile in the last two days after a 121% rally.

    Source  Fxstreet1709106805