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Follow All the Markets Fast and Free On Tradingview
2020-05-27 1692

TradingView is built by traders for traders, and it understands that our career is complicated, so we want everything in one place.

That is why this website brings traders everything that they need all in the same place.

Here are the features and benefits to expect from this easy-to-use chart-reading platform

All the Markets

Tradingview, like the introduction says up there, is for all traders; not just Forex (currency) traders.

On this platform, you can trade currencies, options, stocks, indices, commodities, and cryptocurrencies.

Unlike some brokers and platforms that limit or dictate what their traders can make money from, on Tradingview, you get to choose what to trade.

Pro Ideas

One of the best things about TradingView is that you will find expert ideas being shared all the time by the best technical traders on the planet.

There is no secrecy on the site, and everyone is generous enough to help their fellow traders to jump onto the profitable site.

When you open any market, you get access to hundreds of detailed, evidence-backed technical analysis setups.

Custom Indicators

Whether you are a price action or indicator trader, this resource has you covered.

The best thing about TradingView is that they offer a custom programming language known as Pine Script that allows users to make their own indicators and then upload as well as share them on the site.

Therefore, unlike other platforms where you need to search and download indicators from all over the web, their indicators are all found in one place on the site.

Real-time Economic Calendar

Have you ever been caught off-guard by high impact economic news and it affected your trading?

This could well be a thing of the past as TradingView offers you an exclusive economic calendar which enables you to:

ü  Choose from three levels of news, which is Low, Medium and High importance

ü  Set alerts so that you are notified well in advance before the news take effect

ü  Select news from specific countries so you only get the news that you need

ü  Have an on-screen calendar on the relevant chats so you know what’s coming and when it’s coming

Live Streaming

Another unique feature with TradingView is that you can watch other users as they trade live as well as get instant informational and educational content.

Live trading not only educates newbies but also builds confluence if a trader is looking at the same chart as the live stream.

What’s more, you can talk to traders from all over the planet. If there was a better way to enjoy trading, then it is talking to like-minded individuals!

Genuine Broker Reviews

Now, if you need to know everything about your broker, TradingView is the place to look them up.

You can trade directly with some top-rated brokers on TradingView, using their unique platform.

Here, you can see unfiltered, brutally honest content as posted by actual clients.

Also, from time to time, TradingView-affiliated brokers have special discounts and offers.

Free and Premium Choices

Finally, you have the choice to pick a free or paid plan.

The free plan has limited features such as ads on your screen, maximum 1 chart per tab, use of 1 device at a go, 1 saved chart layout, no custom time intervals, slower data flow, and no customer support.

However, when you pick a premium plan, you get access to more features that also enhance your trading experience.


To test and experience these and more features, head over to TradingView and sign up for an account. You can start with a free one or upgrade instantly.

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