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    India Trade Deficit Government registered at $15.6B, below expectations ($18.78B) in March

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    Turkey Budget Balance declined to -209B in March from previous -153.8B

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    ECB's Simkus: Greater than 50% probability of more than three rate cuts this year

    European Central Bank (ECB) Governing Council member Gediminas Šimkus said on Monday that there was a greater than 50% probability of more than three rate cuts this year, per Reuters.

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    India WPI Inflation above forecasts (0.51%) in March: Actual (0.53%)

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    Switzerland Producer and Import Prices (YoY) declined to -2.1% in March from previous -2%

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    Japan’s Suzuki: Watching FX moves closely

    Japanese Finance Minister Shunichi Suzuki said on Monday that he is “watching FX moves closely.” He added that he “wants to be fully prepared re the movement in FX.” .

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    Japan Machinery Orders (YoY) rose from previous -10.9% to -1.8% in February

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    Japan Machinery Orders (MoM) increased to 7.7% in February from previous -1.7%

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    New Zealand Business NZ PSI: 47.5 (March) vs previous 53

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    Middle East tensions escalate after Iran attacks Israel

    The geopolitical tensions between Israel and Iran intensified over the weekend, as Iran launched drones toward Israel late Saturday, the Israeli military announced/ Citing the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps, Iran’s state-run media reported that dozens of drones had been fired in retaliation to the suspected Israeli attack on Iran’s consulate in Damascus on 1 April.

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    United States CFTC Oil NC Net Positions: 297.1K vs previous 300.9K

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    United States CFTC Gold NC Net Positions declined to $202.4K from previous $207.3K

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    Eurozone CFTC EUR NC Net Positions increased to €32.7K from previous €16.8K

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    United States CFTC S&P 500 NC Net Positions rose from previous $-78.1K to $-62.9K

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    Japan CFTC JPY NC Net Positions declined to ¥-162.2K from previous ¥-143.2K

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    Australia CFTC AUD NC Net Positions climbed from previous $-102.7K to $-92.3K

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    United Kingdom CFTC GBP NC Net Positions declined to £28.3K from previous £43.4K

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    Argentina Consumer Price Index (MoM) registered at 11%, below expectations (12%) in March

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    Fed to start cutting rates in July – ABN Amro

    Analysts at ABN Amro share an update to their Federal Reserve (Fed) policy outlook following the latest inflation data.

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    US UoM Consumer Confidence Index declines to 77.9 in April vs. 79 expected

    Consumer confidence in the US weakened in early April, with the University of Michigan's Consumer Sentiment Index edging lower to 77.9 from 79.4 in March.

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    United States UoM 5-year Consumer Inflation Expectation: 3% (April) vs 2.8%

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    United States Michigan Consumer Sentiment Index registered at 77.9, below expectations (79) in April

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    ECB gave some strong hints that a June cut is forthcoming – Rabobank

    Reviewing the European Central Bank's (ECB) monetary policy announcements following the April meeting, Rabobank analysts noted that the ECB gave some strong hints that there will be a reduction in the policy rate in June.

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    UK GDP on track to surprise BoE to upside in Q1 – TD Securities

    Analysts at TD Securities assess the latest Gross Domestic Product (GDP) data from the UK.

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    ECB to cut policy rates at each and every meeting from June onwards – ABN Amro

    Nick Kounis, Head of Financial Markets and Sustainability Research at ABN Amro, notes that the European Central Bank (ECB) President asserted that while the Governing Council would be ‘data dependent’ it was ‘not Fed dependent.’ ECB will cut policy rates at each and every meeting from June on wards "Overall, we think the ECB’s communication is consistent with a start of a rate cut cycle at the June Governing Council meeting.

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    India Industrial Output registered at 5.7%, below expectations (6%) in February

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    India Cumulative Industrial Output remains at 5.9% in February

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    India Manufacturing Output: 5% (February) vs 3.2%

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    United States Import Price Index (YoY) increased to 0.4% in March from previous -0.8%

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    United States Export Price Index (YoY) up to -1.4% in March from previous -1.8%

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