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    Info of Tesla

    Company Name: Tesla, Inc.
    Industry: Auto Manufacturers
    Sector: Consumer Cyclical
    Description: Tesla, Inc. (TSLA) is a United States electric vehicle and clean energy company that designs, manufactures, sells, and services electric cars, battery energy storage systems, solar panels, solar roofs, and related products to the US, China, and internationally.

    The company operates in two segments: Automotive, and Energy Generation and Storage.

    Tesla’s Automotive segment produces and delivers electric vehicles, such as Model S, Model 3, Model X, Model Y, Cybertruck, and Roadster, as well as sells automotive regulatory credits. This segment also offers vehicle service centers, supercharger stations, and self-driving capabilities.

    Tesla’s Energy Generation and Storage segment offers battery energy storage products, such as Powerwall, Powerpack, and Megapack for homes, businesses, and utilities, as well as solar energy systems, such as solar panels and solar roofs, that generate, store, and distribute electricity.

    Tesla was founded in 2003 by Martin Eberhard and Marc Tarpenning, two American entrepreneurs who wanted to create an electric sports car. They named the company after Nikola Tesla, a Serbian-American inventor and electrical engineer.

    Although Elon Musk himself has claimed to be the creator of Tesla. But in fact, Musk is neither the founder nor the designer of Tesla. Musk only began leading Tesla in 2004, becoming chairman, managing investments, and supporting design initiatives.

    The Tesla electric car was born in 2008 when Tesla Motors released its first car, the completely electric Roadster. The Roadster was inspired by the AC Propulsion tzero, and achieved 245 miles (394 km) on a single charge, a record for a production electric car at the time. The Roadster was followed by other models, such as the Model S, Model 3, Model X, Model Y, Cybertruck, and Roadster 2.0.

    Legendary Silicon Valley investor Peter Thiel believes that the secret to Tesla's success lies in the technology it possesses and that CEO Elon Musk is a combination of genius and luck.

    Tesla's technology was ahead of its time and other companies had to rely on it to develop their cars. Daimler uses Tesla's battery technology; Mercedes-Benz uses Tesla's powertrain; Toyota uses Tesla's engines. GM even formed a "task force" to track Tesla's next moves.

    Tesla is now the world’s leading electric vehicle manufacturer and has sold over 4.97 million electric cars as of October 2023.

    Tesla is listed on the Nasdaq Stock Market and is one of the most valuable car companies in the world by market value
    CEO: Mr. Elon R. Musk
    Exchange: NASDAQ Global Select