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Top 15 Best Cryptocurrency Exchange In Australia/USA/UK
2020-02-17 7012


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Cryptocurrency trading is highly developed in recent years. If you are interested in investing bitcoins or other alternative coins, then the most direct way is to buy cryptocurrency on the top crypto exchanges, including websites and apps.

I believe you may have heard of many cryptocurrency exchanges, but do you really know the crypto exchange types and what are the best crypto exchanges. 

In this guide, you will know a list of top crypto exchanges. After reading, you may have comprehensive knowledge about how you can invest in cryptocurrency and bitcoin.

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What Is A Cryptocurrency Exchange?

Before we dive into this guide, the first thing is to understand the cryptocurrency Exchange meaning. Simply put,  It is the place where you can buy or sell crypto currency with Fiat or another cryptocurrency.

Most traditional exchange, such as stock exchange, has the opening and closing times. But crypto exchange allows you to trade at any time ( 7*24).

What Type Of Cryptocurrency Exchanges Are There?

Essentially,  cryptocurrency exchange sites provide an online platform that allows investors to buy digital coins based on the market price. They usually make spreads as the commission fees, or just charge service fees as a third-party platform.

In general, there are two types of cryptocurrency exchanges: 

Traditional Crypto Exchanges:  Most of the crypto exchanges allow you to buy or sell bitcoin with fiat or cryptocurrencies. They generally charge fees for each transaction.

Peer to Peer Exchanges:  It’s just like a date service platform,  matching the buyers and sellers. Of source, they will provide hosting services to reduce the risk on both sides.

Trading Platforms: These are cryptocurrency trading platforms that allow you to trade Bitcoin (BTC/USD, BTC/AUD) directly using fiat (such as AUD, USD). 

What Are The Best crypto Exchanges?

It is critical to know how to choose the best cryptocurrency trading platform because wrong decisions can threaten your investment and cause financial losses.

You can try to list at least 5 good Bitcoin exchanges that you like, and analyze them before you make the decision. You can also create a sheet and rate the exchange based on all factors. The crypto exchange with the highest score will be your winning trading platform for yourself.

Let’s have a look at the following factors that you need to consider.

●  Payment Methods

Some cryptocurrency exchanges don’t support fiat currency. The fiat currency is controlled by the government, such as the euro and the dollar. If the trading platform does not support purchasing bitcoin or any other cryptocurrencies by using fiat, it means that you will not be able to purchase crypto coins by a debit/credit card. Therefore, in order to trade easier, it is best to choose the best cryptocurrency exchanges that support multiple payment options, such as PayPal, wire transfer, debit/credit card.

●  More Cryptocurrencies

There are more than 1,600 cryptocurrencies on the market, but not all exchanges support all cryptocurrency transactions. If you are a long-term crypto investor, then choosing to invest in Bitcoin is a good choice. But if you are experienced and want to diversify your portfolio or try to buy derived financial products, such as crypto CFDs, you should look for the best cryptocurrency exchange platform with high liquidity and a wide range of financial products.

●  Lower Trading Fees

Choosing a cryptocurrency exchange with lower trading fees is certainly beneficial for you. The best option is the crypto exchange supports 0 commissions. Before you decide to buy from the cryptocurrency exchange platform, make sure to find the related information on the website, such as the deposit, transaction and withdrawal fees. Fees may vary greatly from exchange to exchange.

●  Good Reputation

The best way to learn about a crypto exchange is to search for reviews from users and well-known websites.  You can check the license, regulatory agency, contact details, etc. A trusted crypto exchange should be informative and comprehensive. You can also ask any questions on forums like Facebook group or Reddit.

●  Customer Support

Any cryptocurrency exchange should have a dedicated customer support team to resolve customer issues quickly. Unfortunately, only a few offers live chat or 24/7 customer support. Therefore, be sure to send an email to their customer support so that you can test their service.

●  Simplification, Efficiency, And High Liquidity

A good crypto exchange is usually user-friendly and allows investors to deposit or withdraw quickly and easily. 

The best cryptocurrency exchange platforms often provide many functions, like flexible payment options, ease of use, high liquidity, and currency diversity. However, some crypto exchanges will limit the availability in various regions based on regulations and permissions.

Next, I will list 15 best cryptocurrency trading platforms& exchanges located in different regions. (Also don't forget to confirm if the cryptocurrency exchange you selected is available in your area.)

Ultimate List Of Best Cryptocurrency Exchanges Of 2020

These top crypto exchanges are picked based on liquidity, Volume, reputation, and more.

Best Bitcoin Exchange in the USA

1. Coinbase 

Headquarter: USA/ Founded: 2012 / Employees: 591

Deposit method: Credit Card, Debit Card, Bank Transfer, Cryptocurrency, Paypal

Available countries: Worldwide, UK, USA, Australia, Europe, etc. ( 30+)

Coinbase is one of the most popular cryptocurrency exchanges which has been mentioned in 583,000 Reddit threads.  This crypto trading platform supports over 32 countries and is used by millions of customers around the world. Coinbase offers different payment methods to users based on their location. You can purchase, store and trade cryptocurrencies easily and securely on this website.


 √ Good reputation, safety

 √ user-friendly interface

 √ No minimum deposit and free deposit fee

 √ It provides customers with insurance fund

 √ Their built-in wallet aims to protect users' assets



 × You can only buy several currencies

 × No margin trading

2. Kraken

Headquarter: USA/ Founded: 2011 / Employees: 146

Deposit method: Bank Transfer, Wire transfer, Cryptocurrency

Available countries: Worldwide, UK, USA, Australia, Europe, etc. (200+)

Kraken is one of the oldest and best bitcoin exchanges on the market. It’s always been in the top 10 crypto exchanges list in terms of the trading volume. But many users have complained about the confusing features on its trading platform.


 √ Almost no geographical restrictions.

 √ Low transaction fees.

 √ Margin trading.


 × Not suitable for beginners

 × Limited payment method

3. Bittrex  

Headquarter: USA/ Founded: 2014 / Employees: 232

Deposit method: Cryptocurrency/Wire transfer

Available countries: Worldwide, UK, USA, Australia, Europe ( 100+)

Bittrex is a US-based cryptocurrency exchange that has become increasingly popular in recent years. Bittrex is made up of a group of outstanding employees that include people from Microsoft, Amazon, Qualys, and Blackberry.


√ The secure platform, convenient function

√ Large selection of altcoins

√ Low transaction fees

√ Fast customer support



× Not suitable for beginners

× Limited payment method
× Only support USD fiat currency

Best Cryptocurrency Exchanges In Australia

4. Coinspot  


Headquarter: Australia/ Founded: 2013 / Employees: N/A

Deposit method: POLi, PayID, BPAY, Cash payments

Available countries: Australia

Founded in 2013, CoinSpot is one of the best cryptocurrency exchanges in Australia, aiming to make it very easy for users to buy and sell cryptocurrency coins and altcoins. Now it has over 100 different crypto coins available for trading.  


 √ A simple and straightforward crypto trading site with easy navigation

 √ lower fees for trading



 × limits for per transaction

 × Only available in Australia

5. Coinjar

Headquarter: Australia/ Founded: / Employees: 50

Deposit method: Blueshyft, BPAY, Cryptocurrency, PayID

Available countries: CoinJar wallets are spread around the world. 

Coinjar is a very popular cryptocurrency trading broker in Australia that allows you to buy and sell a variety of different cryptocurrencies. Although the platform is not regulated by any well-known financial institution, the platform has been registered with the Australian Transaction Reports and Analysis Center. 


 √ Provide multi-features between the wallet, exchange, and Swipe

 √ No deposit and withdrawal fees

 √ Offer its clients a free e-wallet



  × A limited range of coins

  × Client verification process is quite slow

Best Cryptocurrency Exchanges In Uk


Headquarter: London / Founded: 2013 / Employees:150

Deposit method: Credit Card, Debit Card, Bank Transfer, Cryptocurrency

Available countries: Worldwide, UK, USA, Australia, Europe ( 100+)

CEX.IO is one of the best cryptocurrency exchange platforms with IOS and Android apps in London. They accept the fiat exchange and there are a number of major crypto coins available for trading. The best feature is users can trade with up to 10x leverage and negative balance protection.


 √ Supports multiple payment options

 √ Margin trading

 √ Provide leverage trading



 × Slow response time to customer service

 × Higher fees than usual exchange

7. Luno

Headquarter: London / Founded: 2013 / Employees: 365

Deposit method: SEPA, Bank, Interbank GIRO/IBFT, Debit/Credit Card via PayU, Bank Transfer via PayU, EFT.

Available countries: Available in 50 countries

Luno is a popular cryptocurrency exchange that mainly provides Bitcoin and Ethereum trading services for more than 40 countries, such as Uk, Austria, South Africa, Nigeria, Malaysia, Singapore, and Indonesia. Your Luno account is controlled through a simple dashboard that gives you access to different sections. This platform provided advanced charts, real-time market news, trading history, CSV exports, and reports.


 √ Free deposits and low withdrawal fees

 √ Fast speed for trading

 √ Luno has a free wallet and an easy to use cryptocurrency app 



 × Poor customer service support

 × Choice of only 2 cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin and Ethereum

European Top Cryptocurrency Exchanges

8.  LocalBitcoins

Headquarter:  Finland / Founded:2012 / Employees: 45

Deposit method: PayPal, Payoneer, Wire transfer, Skrill, Mobile money (selected countries), Western Union, Webmoney

Available countries: Serves more than 200 countries

LocalBitcoins is a peer-to-peer (p2p) cryptocurrency exchange site that allows buyers and sellers to communicate and trade bitcoins directly. Unlike other exchanges that require your personal information, LocalBitcoins allows you to buy Bitcoins without your I.D. verification. When you request a transaction, the order will be held on LocalBitcoins’ escrow service, therefore you can trade safely on this platform.

However, this flexibility usually comes with higher price and scam, so an additional background checkout is the must step


 √ Escrow service ensure the security

 √ A professional support team



 × Higher prices than regular exchanges

9. Bitstamp 

Headquarter: Luxembourg / Founded:2011 / Employees: 201-500

Deposit method: Credit card, Cryptocurrency, Debit card, Bank transfer (SEPA), Wire transfer

Available countries:  Supported over 70 countries

Bitstamp is a trusted online cryptocurrency marketplace that allows global investors to buy and sell crypto coins. Since it's established in 2011,  it has been popular with investors, especially in Europe. Bitstamp currently focuses on the major currency markets, such as BTC, BCH, ETH, LTC, and XRP.


 √ long term good reputation

 √ Low costs

 √ Highly liquid exchange



 × Long verification process

 × Less easy for beginners


10. Coinmama

Headquarter: Slovak / Founded: 2013 / Employees: 40

Deposit method:  Cash, Credit card, Debit card, Bank transfer (SEPA)

Available countries:   Almost worldwide (226 countries) 

Coinmama is one of the most popular and reputable cryptocurrency brokerages, allowing you to buy bitcoins via credit card.  It has grown to serve more than 1 million customers in over 180 countries. There are also limits to buy crypto coins, such as you can buy at least 0.1 bitcoin on this crypto website.


 √ Great user interface

 √ Real-time price calculator



 × Can’t sell your bitcoin through the site

 × Only Support customer service via email

 × No smartphone app

 × Only support Bitcoin and Ethereum trading


11. Huobi Global 


Headquarter:  Singapore / Founded: 2013 / Employees: 437

Deposit method:  Cryptocurrency

Available countries: About 200 countries

Huobi is a Singapore based global cryptocurrency exchange, providing hundreds of different cryptocurrencies for investors. Now, Huobi ranks among the top ten cryptocurrency exchanges in the world by volume. In its history, Huobi is always one of the top cryptocurrency exchanges in terms of quantity, liquidity, and reputation.

12.  okEX  

Headquarter:  China / Founded: 2014 / Employees: 201-500 

Deposit method: Bank transfer, Cryptocurrency, WeChat

Available countries: More than 100 countries

Founded in 2014, Okex has been one of the biggest cryptocurrency exchanges around the world. This platform offers fiat-to-crypto and crypto-to-crypto trading on 100+ digital currencies. They have a user-friendly interface that provides various options and opinions. It’s not only good for experienced traders, but also for beginners.

13. Binance   

Headquarter:  HK/ Founded: 2017 / Employees: 201-500 

Deposit method:  Cryptocurrency

Available countries: Almost global, but except the US and more.

Binance is a relatively new cryptocurrency trading platform, but it has been one of the largest global cryptocurrency exchanges in the world. It has deeper liquidity than many other crypto platforms. You can buy and sell more than 100 digital currencies at competitive fees. But you should note that Binance only supports crypto-to-crypto trading. The other feature of Binance is the deposit and withdrawal is very fast, usually within several minutes or one hour.

14. Bitmex

Headquarter:  HK/ Founded: 2014 / Employees: about 200

Deposit method:  Cryptocurrency

Available countries: Almost all countries but no America

Bitmex is an HK based P2P Crypto derivatives trading platform, mainly aiming at the experienced traders. They only support the advanced option such as 1: 100 leveraged margin trading. Similar trading platforms also include Mitrade, Etoro, and more. 

An Alternative Way To Trade On Bitcoin Crypto Derivatives

On the contrary to purchase/sell cryptocurrency on exchanges, you can trade cryptocurrencies as an over-the-counter product on a speculative basis with contracts for difference (CFD). With this option, you will trade crypto derivatives, and you will take profit or losses with the differences between opening and closing prices of the underlying asset.

There are many forex brokers support cryptocurrency derivative trading.  With trading (BTC/USD), you can go long( Buy) or go short ( Sell) bitcoin based on the moving of price.

If the CFD trading sounds more like your type, Mitrade may be your starting point.


Headquarter: Australia/ Founded: 2011 / Employees: 150

Deposit method: Wire transfer, bank transfer, debit/credit card, e-wallet

Available countries: About 10 countries

Mitrade is an Australia-based online trading platform regulated by ASIC, providing online trading on nearly 100 different markets — including Forex, Index, commodity, and cryptocurrency. The platform also provides real-time charts, news, and economic calendars to provide users with a clear and easy-to-use trading system. They also provide negative balance protection for traders which will be helpful for traders.  

On Mitrade, you can trade bitcoin and cryptocurrencies without having to purchase them directly. Also, with its service, you do not have to store cryptocurrencies. 

Now they are gradually adding more markets to meet the growing needs of investors. If you sign up for Mitrade app or website, you will get a free demo account with 50000 virtual USD dollars to practice your trading skills.

Start Trading CFD with Mitrade  



 √ Web-based platform and mobile app make trading easily.

 √ Simple and intuitive trading platform

 √ Competitive transaction fees

 √ Low threshold trading conditions

 √ Offer leveraged trading which up to 1:200

 √ Provide negative balance protection


 × All the markets belong to the Contract for Difference products.

Note: CFDs are a leveraged product and can result in the loss of your entire capital.

Recently, Nasdaq has reported Mitrade has won the Fastest Growing Broker Australia 2019 Award. If you'd like trade crypto coins on a forex broker, Mitrade, the self-developed innovative platform, will be a new option for traders.

It’s Your Turn

Now we showed you an ultimate list of best cryptocurrency exchange sites based on their location, but most of these platforms serve global customers. Next, you should check the geographical limitation on their website if you are interested.

Let’s look back these top crypto exchanges:


Best Bitcoin Exchange in the USA    




Best Cryptocurrency Exchanges In Australia  



Best Cryptocurrency Exchanges In Uk



European Top Cryptocurrency Exchanges




Other Popular Cryptocurrency Exchange

―Huobi Global 




Australia's Popular Forex And CFD Broker


Among this list of best cryptocurrency exchanges, how do you choose a cryptocurrency exchange?

In fact, there are many factors must be considered when rating these top crypto exchanges. But for beginners, they will prefer a simple, user-friendly, and reputable cryptocurrency so that they can start trading immediately without any trouble. 

However,  professional traders may seek cryptocurrency trading platforms with advanced trading tools, high leverage, and professional chart analysis.

So both novice and professional traders are pursuing certain functions that are suitable for themselves. The sites mentioned above have both their pros and cons. There is never the best cryptocurrency exchange, only a better cryptocurrency exchange.


The content presented above, whether from a third party or not, is considered as general advice only.  This article does not contain and should not be construed as containing investment advice, investment recommendations, an offer of or solicitation for any transactions in financial instruments. Mitrade does not represent that the information provided here is accurate, current or complete. For any information related to leverage or promotions, certain details may outdated so please refer to our trading platform for the latest details. Mitrade is not a financial advisor and all services are provided on an execution only basis. Before making any investment decisions, you should seek advice from independent financial advisors to ensure you understand the risks. *CFD trading carries a high level of risk and is not suitable for all investors.  Please read the PDS before choosing to start trading.

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