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    Week Ahead: Crypto market volatility likely to come back as BTC halving looms

    This week’s outlook is interesting since Bitcoin (BTC) has swept the range low on the daily time frame.

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    XRP price recovers from nearly eleven month low of $0.41 as developers propose native lending on XRPLedger

    Ripple (XRP) price recovered from weekend low of $0.4188, surged past $0.50 on Monday.

    แหล่งที่มา  Fxstreet1713161069
    Solana Price Prediction: SOL primed for recovery if bulls hold $130

    Solana (SOL) price is nurturing a recovery rally along with the broader market as Bitcoin price reclaims $64,000.

    แหล่งที่มา  Fxstreet1713083400
    Blast-based Leaper Finance flagged as expert cites nearly $1 million bait

    Renowned on-chain detective ZachXBT has flagged Leaper Finance, a new project on Layer 2 (L2) network Blast.

    แหล่งที่มา  Fxstreet1713081600
    Bitcoin price tanks to $62K ascribed to geopolitical tension a week to BTC halving

    Bitcoin (BTC) price is dumping, and with it, most players in the cryptocurrency market arena.

    แหล่งที่มา  Fxstreet1713074400
    Will Celestia price’s bounce trigger a 50% rally for TIA bulls?

    Celestia (TIA) price, like the broader cryptocurrency market, is trading with a bearish bias.

    แหล่งที่มา  Fxstreet1713070800
    Injective Price Prediction: INJ becomes attractive to buy after a 20% fall

    Injective (INJ) price succumbed to the Friday crash that was instigated by Bitcoin price dumping to whiplash hundreds of millions in long and short positions.

    แหล่งที่มา  Fxstreet1712991600
    ARB, STRK, AXS: Three token unlocks worth over $350 million to watch out for ahead of Bitcoin halving week

    Several ecosystems have their unlock events lined up for next week, starting Sunday, April 14.

    แหล่งที่มา  Fxstreet1712988000
    Dogecoin price could make a 15% recovery as DOGE market attempts to determine a bottom

    Dogecoin (DOGE) price led the meme coin sector dip as markets followed the Bitcoin (BTC) price south in the Friday bloodbath.

    แหล่งที่มา  Fxstreet1712984400
    Bitcoin price dips seven days to BTC halving, whiplashes nearly $1 billion in positions

    Bitcoin (BTC) price shocked markets on Friday during the early hours of the US session.

    แหล่งที่มา  Fxstreet1712980800
    Ton Foundation partners with Hashkey to enable crypto on-ramping for Telegram wallet users

    Ton (TON) Foundation announced a partnership with crypto exchange Hashkey on Friday to provide on- and off-ramp solutions to Telegram wallet users.

    แหล่งที่มา  Fxstreet1712965140
    Bitcoin dramatic downward shift sends altcoins into double-digit losses

    Bitcoin's (BTC) price saw a red Friday after plunging nearly 5% on the day.

    แหล่งที่มา  Fxstreet1712961047
    DEX hacker sentenced to three years in prison after stealing $12 million worth of cryptocurrency

    On Friday, the US Department of Justice (DoJ) announced that Shakeeb Ahmed, who stole more than $12 million worth of cryptocurrencies, was sentenced to three years in prison by US District Judge Victor Marrero.

    แหล่งที่มา  Fxstreet1712950352
    Ethereum could rally following innovative EIP-3074 wallet integrations

    Ethereum's (ETH) price took a slight dip on Friday following the general stagnancy in the crypto market.

    แหล่งที่มา  Fxstreet1712943538
    Solana congestion troubles could end soon, testnet v1.18.11 release arrives

    Solana network is plagued by failed transactions caused by congestion issues on the blockchain.

    แหล่งที่มา  Fxstreet1712929243
    Bitcoin meme coin PUPS hits new all-time high as Ordinals tokens see massive spike

    Bitcoin blockchain-based tokens that are essentially NFTs, created using the smallest unit of BTC – a Satoshi – have emerged as a favorite among traders.

    แหล่งที่มา  Fxstreet1712923087
    Robert Kiyosaki steers clear from ETFs, opts for holding Bitcoin directly instead

    Robert Kiyosaki, author of Rich Dad Poor Dad, is popular for his investment advice and pro-Bitcoin stance on social media platform X.

    แหล่งที่มา  Fxstreet1712909311
    Bitcoin Weekly Forecast: BTC’s rangebound movement leaves traders confused

    Bitcoin (BTC) price has been hovering around the $70,000 psychological level for a few weeks, resulting in a rangebound movement.

    แหล่งที่มา  Fxstreet1712907144
    Ripple AMM is back in action on XRPLedger, XRP price retests $0.60 support

    Ripple (XRP) price is testing support at the psychologically important $0.60 level on Friday, despite Bitcoin price rally to $70,900 on April 12.

    แหล่งที่มา  Fxstreet1712901600
    Solana borrowing and lending platform MarginFi sees massive withdrawal after CEO resignation

    In the last two days, MarginFi has seen more than $260 million leave its platform into other competing Solana platforms on Thursday.

    แหล่งที่มา  Fxstreet1712882781
    Doge contributor warns of extreme volatility amid Coinbase listing of DOGE and PEPE futures products

    A Dogecoin (DOGE) contributor warned the DOGE community on Thursday to desist from derivatives trading due to the high volatility that may occur as the Bitcoin halving approaches.

    แหล่งที่มา  Fxstreet1712875771
    SEC quietly investigated and closed case against altcoin FLOW founder Dapper Labs in September

    Flow (FLOW) cryptocurrency received attention on Monday after Fortune obtained a document revealing the Securities & Exchange Commission (SEC) closed an investigation on its founding company, Dapper Labs, which is also responsible for developing NBA Top Shot and Crypto Kitties NFTs.

    แหล่งที่มา  Fxstreet1712863416
    Ethereum could resume fight for all-time high as whales continue accumulation

    Ethereum (ETH) showed signs of recovering its bullish momentum on Thursday, briefly rising to $3,618 as whales entered a buying spree.

    แหล่งที่มา  Fxstreet1712855756
    Hong Kong could approve spot Bitcoin ETFs as early as this month: Reuters

    Hong Kong’s Securities and Futures Commission (SFC), an independent statutory body charged with regulating the securities and futures markets, is likely to approve Spot Bitcoin Exchange-Traded Funds (ETFs), according to a Reuters report from April 10.

    แหล่งที่มา  Fxstreet1712845687
    BRC-20 tokens to watch out for Bitcoin halving

    A BRC-20 token is an experimental fungible token standard similar to ERC-20 (native to the Ethereum blockchain).

    แหล่งที่มา  Fxstreet1712843736
    Bitcoin halving: Altcoin rally looks likely, historical data shows

    Bitcoin’s (BTC) halving event, which is set to occur on April 19, could become the catalyst of an extended price rally for altcoins.

    แหล่งที่มา  Fxstreet1712831320
    Is Bitcoin sucking liquidity from altcoins, or will alt season begin again?

    Bitcoin (BTC) price has remained rangebound since setting an all-time high of $73,949 on March 14.

    แหล่งที่มา  Fxstreet1712830601
    Ripple CEO says stablecoin could grow liquidity on XRPLedger, XRP breaks past $0.60 resistance

    Ripple (XRP) CEO spoke about USD-backed stablecoin, XRPLedger and Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) in the US, at Paris Blockchain Week.

    แหล่งที่มา  Fxstreet1712815768
    SEC serves DeFi giant Uniswap with Wells notice as project vows to fight

    Uniswap Labs, the entity behind the decentralized exchange Uniswap, confirmed in a blog post on Wednesday that it received a Wells notice from the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).

    แหล่งที่มา  Fxstreet1712801970
    Ethereum could outperform Bitcoin in the longer term despite BTC halving

    Bitcoin (BTC) halving is headlining almost every discussion in the crypto market on Wednesday.

    แหล่งที่มา  Fxstreet1712797595