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We charge low spreads and no commission. We charge floating spreads, with the actual spread depending on the type of product you are trading. Spreads are displayed in real time on the trading platform.

Clicking "Trade" will display all products that the platform offers for trading. You can search for a product by entering the product symbol or name in the search box on the top right side. Select a product and click "Sell/Buy", and a trading window will pop up. You can see the current price and the estimated required margin. You can manually adjust the trading size, set your limits and stop level for risk control, and then click "Sell/Buy" to open a position. Please note that all financial product prices are subject to market fluctuations and updates at any time, and the market may have changed before you press the “Sell/Buy” button.

Select a product in "Trade" tab, click "Sell/Buy", and a trading window will pop up. In the check box at the bottom of the trading window, select "Bid Limit Buy/Stop". After setting your pending order price, click "Buy/Sell" below to complete a pending order.

To close a position, on the platform select "Position" – "Open", then click on the position you wish to close, and click "Close" button on the right.

To edit or delete a pending order, select “Position" – "Orders",  select the pending order you wish to edit or delete, and click "Edit" on the right to edit or click "Cancel" to cancel the pending order.

No. Pending orders are valid permanently by default until you manually delete them.

Always check whether your internet connection is working. You cannot place an order when the market temporarily closes for a certain product or when the market closes. Please contact our online customer service for further assistance.

Trading hours for different financial products are different. If a product is highlighted in grey or cannot be traded, it may be because the market for that product is closed.

Only when the market price reaches your preset price and when your account has sufficient fund will your pending order be executed.

Your pending order may not have been executed because the specified price was not reached.

Please note:
For pending Sell orders, they will be executed when the Bid price has reached your preset price.

For pending Buy orders, they will be executed when the Ask price has reached your preset price.

When the market is highly volatile, market quotes may skip your preset price.

Always check whether Internet connection is working. You can only close a position during the trading hours of a financial product. Financial products may not be traded temporarily under special circumstances, such as illiquidity and excessive market volatility. You can also contact our online customer service for further assistance

Your position may be closed, if:
1. You close your position manually;
2. Your stop or limit level is triggered; or
3. Your account equity falls below the maintenance margin.

If you want to know why any of your position is closed, you can click the “Closed” button on the platform in “Positions”. Select the closed order you wish to view, and you will see the reason for closing the position.

Yes, slippage occurs due to market liquidity and volatility and it cannot be controlled by Mitrade. So slippage is possible. When the market is illiquid or fluctuates drastically, it is possible that the market skips the price you specify or the price you see when you manually open or close a position, and your position will be executed at the best price at that time.

Yes, any trading activity that violates the client agreement, such as market abuse (e.g., insider trading), abuse of bonus promotions, etc., is prohibited. If your trade is deemed to be prohibited, we reserve the right to cancel your trade and/or close your account. For more information on trading restrictions, please refer to our Legal Disclosure Documents or contact our online customer service or email us for further assistance.

When the available balance of your account falls below zero, we will alert you via your chosen notification method (e.g. email/SMS/platform push notification), and send you a margin call urging you to deposit funds as soon as possible or close your position.

When the equity in your account falls below the maintenance margin, the positions in your account will be closed by the system at market price in the order of the largest loss first in the account until the account equity returns above the maintenance margin.

If the market conditions are too volatile, your loss may exceed your account balance in a short period of time, resulting in a negative balance after a forced liquidation. However, as the Mitrade platform provides negative balance protection, the negative balance will be cleared to 0 in time.

Yes. After logging in to the platform, select "More" - "Settings" - "Notification Settings". Here you will be allowed to set the notification method according to your needs. Notifications include margin call alerts, notifications on whether verification is successful, information modification, system service notifications, etc. Please note that you must receive important alerts such as margin calls, ID verification results, bank account approval notification, and results of withdrawal requests. You will be unable to deactivate these alerts due to their importance.

is an over-the-counter (OTC) product, which has no single quotation. The data sources used by each platform are not necessarily the same, leading to different quotes on different platforms, though the differences are not significant. The overall trend must be consistent.

In order to maintain fast and stable Internet connection in the long term, we suggest that you use a more stable internet server provider (ISP).

If you find that the platform is not running as fast as usual, we suggest that you clean up your browser cache, and reboot or refresh your browser.

If you are experiencing similar issues on our mobile APP platform, please shut down the application and reboot your mobile device. If you still cannot solve your problem, you may need to upgrade your application to the latest version.

Web Platform: You can find your prefered trading product by searching in the search field on the top right of the platform (magnifier icon).

Mobile APP: Click on the magnifier and a searching page appears. Here you can search for the trading product by entering product symbol in the search field.

In a market quote, there are two prices, namely sell (ask) and buy (bid) prices.

Sell (Ask) Price: If you forecast that the price of a market will fall, you may go short on the market at the current ‘sell price’; if you wish to close your long position, you may do so at the ‘sell price’.

Buy (Bid) Price: If you forecast that the price of a market will rise, you may go long on the market at the current ‘buy price’; if you wish to close your short position, you may do so at the ‘buy price’.

Long position/Going long: After opening a position, you will need to go short on your long order to close the position. The current sell price would be the price you need to reference to when closing the position.

Short position/Going short: After opening a position, you will need to go long on your short order to close the position. The current buy price would be the price you need to reference to when closing the position.


The current price for gold is: Sell 1906.94; Buy 1907.42.

When you are going long on gold (buy position) and there is floating profit, you will need to go short at the ask price of 1906.94 to close the position and get the profits. This is why you will have to reference to the sell price when you are closing a long order.

When you are going short on gold (sell position) and there is floating loss, you will need to buy the same number of lots at the buy price of 1907.42 to close the position in order to stop the loss as gold might continue to rise. This is why you will have to reference to the buy price when you are closing a short order.

The charts on our Mitrade APP and web trading platform display the sell price of a market by default. The buy price would be the sum of the sell price and the floating spreads, which are subject to changes based on the real-time display on the trading platform.

To check the buy price of a market on our web trading platform, simply hover your mouse pointer over the chart and do a right click. As for our mobile app, this function is currently not supported. Please note that the buy price shown on the chart is the real-time display of the buy price on the market. Traders cannot trace back the data of the previous buy price with this function.

Therefore, if you have a ‘Sell Order’ and have set up the Stop Loss/Take Profit levels, or if you have a ‘Sell Pending Order’, the order will not be executed even when the price meets your pre-set level. It is because the execution price of a sell order is the buy price, and the price displayed on the chart is the sell price.

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