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Mitrade offers a wide range of deposit methods, including but not limited to the following methods:

1. Visa/Mastercard - generally instant

2. Online Banking - within 1 business days

3. e-Wallet (eg. Skrill, Momo, Zalo, Touch'n GO and Boost etc.) - generally instant

4. ATM Card  - generally instant

5. QR Code Payment generally instant

6. Bank Transfer - generally instant

Please note: some of the deposit methods are only available in selected countries/regions, and the processing time could vary based on individual banks. Please log in to your Mitrade account for details.

Please note that Mitrade only accepts deposits from your bank account/card. If you use a bank account/card under the name of someone else or belongs to a company, the funds will be rejected and returned.

After logging in to the platform, click “Funds” ->“Withdrawal”, fill in the necessary information as instructed, and press “Submit”. Mitrade will process your withdrawal request in 1-2 business days.

For the purpose of complying with anti-money laundering and counter-terrorist financing rules and regulations, you must complete the card verification and bank account verification before submitting a withdrawal request.

Based on your deposit history and Mitrade's withdrawal policy, your funds might be returned to you via the following methods:

1. Bank Card: 3-5 business days

2. Bank Account: within 3 business days

Please note: The processing time could vary among individual banks. Please log in to your Mitrade account for details.

Once your withdrawal request has been processed by us, the withdrawal status would change from "Pending" to "Successful Withdrawal". The withdrawal time we have provided is for reference only, and it might vary depending on individual banks. If you did not receive your fund within the suggested timeframe, please contact your bank or card issuer for more information.

If your card is expired or lost before sending out a withdrawal request, you may contact our customer service team and we will provide you with another withdrawal method. If your card is expired or lost after a withdrawal has been processed, your card should be linked to a bank account and the funds should still be credited there. We can always provide you with an ARN (Acquirer's Reference Number) which you can then pass it to your bank to trace the funds in case they don't appear in your bank account.

If you need to delete the registered withdrawal bank account, log in to the platform,  click "Funds" -> "Bank Account / Card Management", confirm the account and press the delete button.

After logging in to the platform, click “Funds” -> “Transactions” to view the status and history of each deposit and withdrawal.

If your outstanding withdrawal request is “Pending”, you will not be able to deposit more funds. You can either cancel your current withdrawal request or wait for your withdrawal status to change to "Processing" in order to deposit.

After logging in to the platform, click on “Funds”->“Transactions” to see the status of your withdrawal. If the status of your withdrawal request is "Pending", you can cancel it by clicking "Funds" -> "Transactions", find the withdrawal you want to cancel and then press the "Cancel Withdrawal" button. If the status is “Processing”, which means your withdrawal request is under review, then you will not be able to cancel the withdrawal request on your own.

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*Some payment methods may not be available in your country/region

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