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A demo account is mostly identical to a live account in terms of trade interface, data and operation. Each demo account starts off with USD50,000 or AUD50,000 virtual money to allow you to familarise with the functions of the platform through demo operation without capital risk, and to understand how to invest in contracts.

To open a live account, please visit our Mitrade account registration page and do the following:

1. Input your email address/mobile phone number and set up a login password. Upon submission, a demo account will be created.


2. On the demo account page, select Home > Switch to Live Account to access the account application form.  

Before applying for a live account, we suggest you read through our Legal Disclosure Documents, which outline the risk associated with leveraged trading.

Please note that only after completing your ID verification, you will be able to deposit into your live account.

Mitrade offers a wide range of deposit methods, including but not limited to the following methods:

1. Visa/Mastercard - generally instant

2. Online Banking - within 1 business days

3. e-Wallet (eg. Skrill, Momo, Zalo, Touch'n GO and Boost etc.) - generally instant

4. ATM Card  - generally instant

5. QR Code Payment generally instant

6. Bank Transfer - generally instant

Please note: some of the deposit methods are only available in selected countries/regions, and the processing time could vary based on individual banks. Please log in to your Mitrade account for details.

Based on your deposit history and Mitrade's withdrawal policy, your funds might be returned to you via the following methods:

1. Bank Card: 3-5 business days

2. Bank Account: within 3 business days

Please note: The processing time could vary among individual banks. Please log in to your Mitrade account for details.

Clicking "Trade" will display all products that the platform offers for trading. You can search for a product by entering the product symbol or name in the search box on the top right side. Select a product and click "Sell/Buy", and a trading window will pop up. You can see the current price and the estimated required margin. You can manually adjust the trading size, set your limits and stop level for risk control, and then click "Sell/Buy" to open a position. Please note that all financial product prices are subject to market fluctuations and updates at any time, and the market may have changed before you press the “Sell/Buy” button.

Always check whether Internet connection is working. You can only close a position during the trading hours of a financial product. Financial products may not be traded temporarily under special circumstances, such as illiquidity and excessive market volatility. You can also contact our online customer service for further assistance.

Mitrade is a commission-free trading platform. The main cost of trading comes from low spreads we charge, which vary among different markets. In addition, there may be overnight funding adjustments if you hold positions overnight.

Overnight funding adjustment:

When you hold positions through the settlement time (GMT 22:00 Winter time), overnight funding adjustment will be incurred on your account. Depending on the product you are trading and direction of your trade (buy or sell), overnight funding may be debited or credited to your account.  

You will be able to find the overnight funding adjustment amount for the day in the product information section beneath the charts on our webtrader or mobile app.

Mitrade does not charge any hidden fees, and we endeavour to include all details of our fees and charges as clearly as possible. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact our customer service team for more detail.

If this happens, you may contact our customer service team and provide a confirmation letter from the bank stating the card is no longer active. If you do not have a related letter, please contact your bank and they should be able to assist you to obtain one. We will process your withdrawal through another method.

Yes, we are full compliant with the relevant Corporations Act and Financial regulatory requirements.We are a financial services provider authorised and strictly regulated by the relevant regulatory bodies. We provide comprehensive and adequate protection for client funds that is in line with the regulatory requirments.

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