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Mitrade's Excellence Says It All: Wins Two Broker Awards, Debuts New iPad App

Mitrade's Excellence Says It All: Wins Two Broker Awards, Debuts New iPad App

MELBOURNE, AUSTRALIA,  May  14, 2023  (GLOBE  NEWSWIRE) --  Mitrade  has  been
honored with its  first two  awards of  the year  – 'Best  Mobile CFD  Trading
Platform Asia Pacific' and  'Fastest Growing Forex  Fintech Broker Global'  by
Global Brands Magazine. These prestigious accolades are testament to Mitrade's
ongoing  commitment   to   innovation,   industry   excellence,   and   client


The 'Best Mobile CFD Trading Platform Asia Pacific' award underlines Mitrade's
exceptional effort and  commitment in providing  a seamless and  user-friendly
trading experience  to its  valued  clients across  the Asia  Pacific  region.
Mitrade has  made remarkable  progress  in 2023,  as these  enhancements  have
significantly contributed  to  the growth  of  the CFD  trading  platform  and
heightened user satisfaction.

Mitrade brings its trading platform to iPads

In March  2023, Mitrade  expanded  its reach  by  launching a  dedicated  iPad
version of its trading platform. This allows traders to engage with the market
dynamically in  real-time  on  their  iPads  while  being  able  to  have  the
flexibility to seamlessly  switch between devices,  ensuring traders can  stay
connected to  the market  wherever they  are, and  never miss  out on  trading
opportunities. This launch underscores Mitrade's unwavering commitment to user
satisfaction and its ambition to remain at the forefront of the industry.


Enhanced security measures with the two-factor authentication (2FA)

To ensure the highest level of security, Mitrade has implemented a  two-factor
authentication (2FA) process  to enhance  security measures  during the  login
process on the app. This reduces  the risk of unauthorized access,  protecting
users' sensitive  information and  enhancing overall  platform security.  With
this, Mitrade reaffirms its dedication to providing a safe and secure  trading
environment for its clients.

Improved user interface for traders

Mitrade's platform offers users the ability to seamlessly switch between  'red
rise' and  'green  fall'  options.  This  feature  provides  adaptability  and
personalization, catering to the traders' familiar preferences and established
trading habits.

With a state-of-the-art mobile application, Mitrade empowers traders to access
the global  financial  markets  anytime,  anywhere,  allowing  them  to  seize
opportunities and make informed trading decisions with ease.

In addition to  the 'Best  Mobile CFD  Trading Platform  Asia Pacific'  award,
Mitrade has  also  been  recognized  as the  'Fastest  Growing  Forex  Fintech
Broker'. This prestigious global award  recognizes Mitrade's rapid growth  and
its unwavering  dedication  to  delivering  an  innovative  trading  platform,
outstanding customer service, and trading education to traders all around  the

As Mitrade  continues  to broaden  its  global footprint  and  strengthen  its
position in  the  industry, the  company  remains resolute  in  upholding  the
highest standards of  customer service, security,  innovation, and  education.
With a focus on user-centric design and a commitment to delivering a  seamless
trading experience, Mitrade is poised to lead  the industry into a new era  of
online trading.

About Mitrade:

Mitrade is a leading online trading platform that provides traders with access
to a wide range of  financial markets, including forex, indices,  commodities,
and cryptocurrencies.  With a  user-friendly  interface and  powerful  trading
tools, Mitrade empowers  traders of all  levels to trade  with confidence  and
success. The  platform offers  a comprehensive  suite of  features,  including
advanced  charting,  risk  management  tools,  educational  resources,  and  a
dedicated customer  support  team.  Mitrade  is  committed  to  delivering  an
exceptional trading  experience,  combining  cutting-edge  technology  with  a
client-centric approach.

For media inquiries, please contact:

Brand: Mitrade

Contact: Media team

E-mail: branding@mitrade.com

Website: https://www.mitrade.com/

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