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Mitrade awarded twice at Forex Broker Award 2022

Mitrade wins two esteemed awards at Forex Broker Award 2022

MELBOURNE, AustraliaJuly 5, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- Australian Forex and OTC derivatives trading broker Mitrade has received two esteemed awards by FxDailyInfo at the Forex Broker Award 2022.

Mitrade has been crowned the Most Innovative Broker 2022 and the Best Trading Platform 2022. The awards are given by FxDailyInfo, which rewards Forex brokers for consistent innovation and intuitive trading platforms. To declare winners, FxDailyInfo also considers several key factors including ground-breaking technology, cross-platform compatibility, responsive customer service, risk management, and fast growth.

"We are profoundly humbled to receive these distinguished awards. We take this double win as a recognition of our hard work and commitment to make trading easy for all. This milestone is an inspirational motivation for our team, that we are on the right track. This achievement has encouraged our team to bring even more innovation to our trading system and make Mitrade a leading Forex trading platform," said a representative of Mitrade.

Mitrade went through a massive structural overhaul of its team and resources in 2019. It introduced a proprietary web trading platform, which immediately started gaining worldwide attention and engagement due to its simple user interface and smooth function. Later, the innovative WebTrader was complemented by mobile apps for Google Play and iOS. The mobile apps brought cross-platform compatibility to Mitrade, making trading on the go possible for everyone.

Earlier this year, Mitrade also bagged four 2022 awards from International Business Magazine -- Most Trusted Broker Asia, Best Forex Educational Resources Global, Most Transparent Forex Broker Global and Best Trading Platform Australia.

Continuing its innovation streak, Mitrade has recently upgraded its mobile app with cutting edge features. The app now comes with a built-in economic event calendar that lets traders forecast market trends and craft a winning trading strategy ahead of potential market movements. The mobile app also has a tiered trading educational portal, which guides both beginners and experts.

This innovative spirit has won Mitrade many prestigious awards and added to its immense popularity among the global trading community. Mitrade's evolving technology, dynamic research tools, and instant-response 24/5 customer service fueled its growth to over 1,100,000 customers in a short span of three years.

In addition, Mitrade has also won the Most Innovative Forex Fintech Broker 2021 by Global Brands Magazine and Best Mobile Trading Platform 2020 by Forex Awards. More details on www.mitrade.com/about-us/awards.

For media inquiries, please contact Ms Belle Toh at belle.toh@mitrade.com.

About Mitrade

Mitrade is an innovative financial technology group and Forex trading leader. It operates under strict regulations by the Mauritius Financial Services Commission (FSC), Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC) and the Cayman Islands Monetary Authority (CIMA). Mitrade was founded by finance veterans who had a mission to simplify trading through consistent innovation. With its self-developed proprietary trading platform, Mitrade is pursuing its mission to provide simplified trading to all. Explore Mitrade at www.mitrade.com.

Mitrade's OTC derivatives trading contains leverage which can cause the loss of your entire capital.

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