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Why Choose Mitrade?

Simple and Intuitive Platform

Experience a platform that integrates market updates, trading, market information, with account management and risk management.

Competitive Trading Costs

Enjoy low-cost trading, zero commissions, low overnight fees, and competitive and transparent spreads.

Competitive Threshold Trading Conditions

There is no minimum deposit requirement to open an account, and the minimum volume per trade is as low as 0.01 lots

Regulated by ASIC

Under the regulations of ASIC (AFSL398528), all client funds are segregated.

Protection Against Negative Balances

Your account will not lose more than your initial deposit under any market circumstances–our negative balance protection ensures your account never go below zero.

Excellent Online Support

Enjoy fast-response online customer service from our team of dedicated professionals.


After logging in to the platform, click “Funds” --“Deposit”, choose the method of deposit convenient to you, fill in necessary information as instructed, and click “Submit”. The corresponding page will appear depending on the method of deposit you choose to help you complete the deposit procedure.

We offer multiple funding options, including (not all methods are applicable in your country/region) :

1. Wire transfer -  you may transfer funds via online banking or by filling out a wire transfer form at a bank counter.

2. Bank account  -  this option may not be applicable in your country/region.

3. Debit card/credit card - If you deposit/withdraw by debit/credit card, we strongly suggest you use your local card to avoid delay of payment.
4. e-wallet - Skrill

No, we do not charge our clients any fee for fund deposits. However, if you choose to deposit funds via bank wire transfer/credit card, your bank may charge you a fee. We recommend that you inquire any fee related issues with your bank provider.

For the wire transfer fee, you only need to pay the amount charged by your bank; the fee charged by Mitrade's bank and intermediary bank will be borne by Mitrade. As the amount you send may be deducted from an intermediary bank, we may not have the proof of remittance, thus we will not be able to confirm that the fund reflects the amount we will be receiving. We can only process your deposit with the amount we receive.  If you find that the fund added into your Mitrade account differs from the amount you send, please feel free to contact our customer service department via our Live Chat or email us at cs@mitrade.com to submit your proof of remittance. We will then refund you the difference.

If you choose to use the e-wallet (Skrill) for deposits, please note that we currently only accept AUD and USD deposits. If the currency of your e-wallet is different from the base currency of your Mitrade account, you may be charged for the respective currency exchange rate. We are not responsible for any taxes and fees incurred in this process.
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