Mitrade Trading Platform

Simple, intuitive interface and excellent trading performance to meet the needs of professional investors and investment enthusiasts.

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How to Access Mitrade Platform?

Web-based Version

With cloud technology, you can enter Mitrade's trading platform anytime and anywhere. Click here

Mobile App

Customers can search for “Mitrade”in the App Store or download directly by clicking the button below to enjoy the same professional features as the web version

Main Features

Trading Anytime, Anywhere
Our advanced web-based platform and mobile app use the latest Html5 and cloud technology, and are compatible with major browsers and mobile phone systems
Superior Trading Performance
Choose from a variety of order types and execution modes
Professional Chart Analysis
We include many commonly used technical indicators and popular charts to help you analyse product trends
Free Risk Management Tools
We provide risk management tools such as stop loss and trailing stop loss.
Real-time Notifications
Access global news and economic calendar in real time and receive price alerts and news such as market closures
Secured by SSL
All trading activities and access to funds are performed in an SSL-encrypted environment
One-stop Account Management
Powerful functionality that includes the integration of market updates, trading, information, account management and risk management.

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