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What Affects the Price of Shares?

A share is a certificate issued by a business that represents ownership of a portion of the assets of that business. Factors that affect stock prices include:
Financial health of the issuer such as financial ratios of revenue, profit, EPS, P/E...; product and service quality; industry competitiveness and corporate structure and management.

Stock splits and corporate dividend issuance.

- Corporate mergers and acquisitions.

- Competitors in your industry.
- Communication and investor sentiment, often creating short-term and rapid price changes in stock prices.
- National and global economic and geopolitical conditions and stock market trends.

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Shares FAQ

If you are someone who can skillfully track and manage world events, while understanding the ins and outs of stocks and its derivatives, then you may be able to make an attractive profit from investing in stock. Learn what moves the commodity and you can minimize your risk.

Diversification: Don’t put all your eggs in one basket! Use this to reduce your risk, but limits short-term returns.
Hedging: Use your stock investments to hedge against inflation in the future.
Speculation on stock prices: Feeling confident? Invest in future speculation to get big winnings today.

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