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What Causes the NIO Price To Rise And Fall?

NIO is an EV vehicle producer and an alternative to other Electric Vehicle Component Suppliers. Unfortunately, NIO stocks had a rocky year in 2022 as the EV bubble burst. Shares plummeted more than 60% last year; however, NIO outperformed rivals like Tesla, Lucid Motors, Mullen Automotive, and Rivian.

NIO is a Chinese company listed on the NYSE and is a premium EV car manufacturer. The company has a mixed 2022 share price decline of around 40%. Nio had a solid operating performance in 2021, which saw vehicle deliveries rising from almost 110% to over 90,000 units. However, Nio was overshadowed by rivals like Xpeng, which increased its vehicle deliveries by over 260% and over 97,000 in 2021. 

Moreover, investors fear a crackdown on Chinese companies listed on the US Stock Exchange. That’s also dampening demand Abs stifling growth. These factors are influential on Nio’s stock price. Multiple factors can help to boost the price of Nio stocks, including its attractive valuation. 

The long-term outlook looks positive as NIO expands its lineup of vehicles with the launch of the ET7 full-size sedan and the ET5 compact sedan. In addition, the global expansion will likely boost the NIO price further. The company recently set up operations in Norway and six European countries. Nio also doubled production capacity in Hefei, China, to almost a quarter of a million vehicles per year in 2022, which could boost growth considerably in 2023. With improving economies of scale, Nio’s margins will likely increase further.

These are the main influencers on the price of NIO:

The Nio price has remained volatile since the company announced important news. 

First, the Chinese government announced the winding down of pandemic restrictions and its Covid-zero strategy. Subsequently, that allows Chinese companies to continue manufacturing processes in the mainland. Despite China seeing a significant increase in infections recently, the primary need at NIO was its deliveries, which increased by almost 60% in the fourth quarter year-on-year to more than 40,000 units during the last quarter of 2022. The total annual deliveries for 2022 exceeded 120,00 vehicles. That was almost 35% more than the previous year, with nearly 290,000 vehicle deliveries. Our NIO price analysis points towards that trend are continuing.

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