Skeptical the “indicative votes” planned for Wednesday would prove conclusive – Goldman Sachs

2019-03-26 09:13 (GMT+)

Analysts at the US investment banking giant, Goldman Sachs, maintains their bets on the Brexit outcomes after the UK Parliament voted to take over control of the Brexit process for a day.

Adrian Paul, European economist at Goldman Sachs noted: “Skeptical the “indicative votes” planned for Wednesday would prove conclusive, may pave the way for a softer Brexit. “Many of the options most likely to succeed point towards a “softer Brexit” than currently envisaged by the Prime Minister.” 

Further Details:

“Goldman sees a 15 percent chance that the UK leaves the EU without a deal, a 35 percent chance that the UK’s decision to leave the EU is overturned, and a 50 percent chance that lawmakers eventually coalesce around a close variant of the current EU withdrawal agreement.”

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